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Chess Membership Financial Aid Program (CEFAP)

The CEFAP is the first financial need bursary offered in chess that will enable individuals to play chess competitively despite the economic instability they may have in their life. The Checkmate Foundation Canada understands that the COVID-19 pandemic has led to many people losing their jobs and the ability to participate in valuable opportunities like chess.

Why should you get a CFC membership?

There are many benefits to obtaining a CFC membership and often local clubs will direct you to get one. CFC membership can allow you to get a CFC rating which can be transferred over when playing for different clubs across Canada. To learn more about the benefits of a CFC membership can click on the button.

Why should I play chess (i.e. competitively)?

Chess provides many cognitive benefits, and helps increase pattern recognition skills. Chess is also a great game to make friendships. Especially playing competitively can you to push yourself out of your comfort zone and take your game to the next step. Many people on online platforms will not play at the same level as others during CFC tournaments. Don't worry, these tournaments pair you with players with similar CFC rating.

Note: This is only to cover CFC membership, often chess clubs have their own memberships they need to cover.

How do I get a CFC membership?

BEFORE YOU APPLY FOR THE BURSARY, make sure you you create a CFC GoMembership Account following these steps listed    

Once you fill out our bursary form and we verify it. This form will ask what your age is and your province, providing you the appropriate membership fee to join. We will send an email confirming your CFC membership. The form will ask you about your interest in chess and other necessary information for us to know that you need this membership to participate.


The payment details based on your age can be found:


Note: This is only to cover CFC membership, often chess clubs have their own memberships they need to cover.

What we require: Whether you are new or a returning player to CFC. You must follow the steps necessary and provide a screenshot of the pricing on your GoMembership for renewal or the website. This screenshot can be emailed alongside the bursary application form to

After your bursary form is accepted and you receive you will be required to show screenshots of the purchase/receipt.

Bursary CEFAP Application Form

Want to get more information on CFC?

Want to get more information on CFC?

You can look at their website at for more information and find this taskbar to find more about membership. The website is very intuitive, however, if you have questions feel free to email us or the CFC support staff. 

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