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Closer to Home Online Chess Project (CTHOCP)

The "Closer to Home Chess Project" was our first lessons. These lessons ran on Friday/Saturday between 7:00 - 8:30 PM. In total, we taught 8 lessons. These lessons had two sections; intermediate and beginner. The lessons engaged over 55 participants and families. Despite the environment being online over Google Meet, our coaches alongside eager students made for a great learning experience. We presented a lesson plan before every lesson, that highlighted what the students would learn next week and the ideas covered on the day of the lesson. Our strong communication with parents helped reduce technical difficulties to ensure an optimal experience for everyone. We had one coach teach each group based on their relative chess background.

Beginner Section: Instructor Avery Teaching About En Passant

The class had over 70% of players go into the beginner section of the younger demographic.

Intermediate Section: Instructor Daniel Teaching Chess Tactics

All of the participants were part of the Closer to Homes group, which led to less advertising being necessary. Interestingly, there were many older students then expected as well.

Ultimately the chess lessons were a success and helped define a framework to use for future chess lessons.

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