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Panorama Hills In-Person Drop In Lessons (PHIDIL)

The "Panorama Hills In-Person Drop In Lessons" was every Wednesday at 7:00 - 8:30 PM.  We taught 2 lessons at the centre so far. These lessons were drop in and invited people of various different levels. The lessons engaged over 15 participants including their families. Some older and most younger participants took part. Overall, the lessons got a lot of engagement from the students and further proved by in-persons are amazing. Many of these students already had a lot of experience or interest in chess. While others built an interest in chess that they would further explore because of these lessons. Chess is a game that can significantly improve someone's cognitive ability and mental health. These lessons were our first in-person lessons in partnership with the Panorama Hills Community Centre. These drop in lessons allowed us to focus on individuals and help them grow where they had weaknesses and overall provide a positive time for everyone.

First Lesson

Second Lesson

Future Plans: In the future, we hope to run to a program with the Panorama Hills Community Centre that will increase youth progression in chess.

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