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How to Checkmate with 2 Rooks vs King

A situation that you may face in the endgame is when you have 2 rooks and your king against your opponent’s king. In such a case, you will be able to force checkmate, even without moving your king. Read on to learn how!

1. Cut off your opponent’s king

Move one of your rooks to the rank/file in front of the opponent’s king. This stops them from moving away from your checkmate.

Ra3 also works

2. Move your rooks up in sequence

Move your other rook to the rank/file the king is on to check it. It must move backwards to get out of check. Then repeat with the other rook.

notice how the king can only go backwards

3. Slide your rooks across the board to avoid capture

If the king gets too close to your rook(s), move them to the other side of the board while staying on the same rank/file. This prevents capture while keeping the king trapped.

if the rook isn't moved, it will be captured next move

4. Checkmate against the edge of the board

Once the king has no place to move back to, you will have won the game. Congratulations!

The king can't retreat any further - checkmate!

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