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July 20-27, 2021 - Donation Week

On July 20 - 27, we donated $750 worth of chess sets to centres across Calgary. These centres included demographics of the most vulnerable Calgarians and youth alike. Each centre was chosen because of our unique position to help them grow and help their participants.

We donated to the following areas:

  1. Bowness Trellis Society (NW)

  2. Yes Centre (SE)

  3. Children's Cottage Society (NE)

  4. The Alex (SE)

Although we do seek to provide coverage across all areas of Calgary, we found these organizations align with our mission.

Bowness Trellis Society

Donation Image:

Location: 7930 Bowness Rd NW suite 36, Calgary, AB T3B 0H3

Description: The Bowness Trellis Society is a chapter of Trellis Canada, the club is a Calgary-based social services agency. Trellis is building on the work of both legacy organizations to offer a comprehensive continuum of 33 programs for over 9,000 people each year designed to support children, youth, families, and communities.


Donation Image:

Location: 4020 26 Ave SE, Calgary, AB

Description: The Youth Empowerment and Skills Centre (YES Centre) is a not-for-profit at-risks youth centralized and family-focused organization. It continues to support over 5,000 youths, families, and individuals annually.

Children's Cottage Society

Donation Image:

Location: 845 McDougall Rd NE, Calgary, AB T2E 5A5

Description: The Children's Cottage Society Crisis Nursery has provided 24/7 support where children are able to have a break from stressful situations and receive effective care while their families get the aid they require.

The Alex

Donation Image:

Location: 2840 2 Ave SE #104, Calgary, AB T2A 7X9

Description: The Alex Community Youth Health Centre is a non-profit health and social services organization. The Alex has helped thousands of Calgarians through their time of need and continues to be a center of support and improvement.


The Alex provides support for youth through various programs and these chess sets would enable them to let vulnerable youth be exposed to a game that can help with recovery and build cognitive skills. While, the YES centre supports many families that could use these chess sets to provide recreational activities for their children or as a bonding activity. The Trellis society's younger children can help explore the game of chess and pursue their eagerness that they have. The Children's Cottage Society organization of the Brenda's House can use these to help foster positive development in youth. Chess has proven to help in recovery and stopping drug addiction.


If you are interested in getting a donation from us, please email us at In the future, we will do more donations to different charities that may need these resources more.

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