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July 26, 2022 - Charity Donation Day

On July 26, 2022 we donated $460 from a charity tournament with the Maritime Chess Club to the Mustard Seed in Calgary.

In partnership with the Maritime Chess Club, we hosted a chess tournament. The foundation worked with the Maritime Chess Club to host a charity chess tournament called “The Checkmate Charity Tournament an MCC Event” with 49 participants on March 12, 2022. Click the logo below for more information on the Maritime Chess Club.

Donations were also made by Fred McKim, The Bell Family, Jayden Price, David Poirier, Steven Tynes, and Linke Xie.

The initial payment of $170 for prizes from Checkmate Foundation Canada was used to provide prizes. The event raised $460 for the charity, the Mustard Seed. ​ Mustard Seed is a charitable organization that gives emergency resources and feeds thousands of Calgarians. The organization has been running since 2018 and has provided food from those suffering food insecurity alongside clothing. Despite the pandemic, Mustard Seed has continued to provide support for those who he need it most. You can see more about them on their website page using the link here:

Some photos from the day of the event: (Note: The event took place online based on the on-going pandemic)

In the future, we hope to work with the Maritime Chess Club to support more local charities in Calgary. We also hope to continue our charity tournament initiative that helps fundraise for Sustainable Development Goals and the issues affecting Calgarians most.

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