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Top 10 Chess Players in Canada 2022 (CFC Ranked)

Chess is a game filled with many talented players. In this post, we wanted to highlight the top chess players in Canada. We hope that more youth and adults get involved in chess in our wonderful country. These players are role models and dedicated individuals, with distinct backgrounds and experiences with the game. These players exemplify the nature of Canada, diverse with different cultures. Chess has often been a way for different people to communicate with each other and connect. While the chess board can be filled with interest, we can want to take a step back and look at who's playing the game.

The ratings listed below are as of 2022-08-27. All information was accessed from the CFC (Canadian Chess Federation) Website here:

10. Razvan Preotu

CFC ID: 146124

Where: Burlington, ON

Age: 23

9. Nikolay Noritsyn

CFC ID: 132534

Where: Richmond Hill, ON

Age: 31

8. Dimitry Tyomkin

CFC ID: 123304

Where: North York, ON

Age: 45

7. Alexandre Le Siege

CFC ID: 106923

Where: Montreal, QC

Age: 47

6. Pascal Charbonneau

CFC ID: 108065

Where: Outremont, QC

Age: 39

5. Kevin Spraggett

CFC ID: 105153

Where: Toronto, ON

Age: 67

4. Eric Hansen

CFC ID: 132475

Where: Toronto, ON

Age: 30

3. Mark Bluvshtein

CFC ID: 125709

Where: Toronto, ON

Age: 34

2. Anton Kovalyov

CFC ID: 142449

Where: Chateauguay, QC

Age: 30

1. Evgeny Bareev

CFC ID: 144466

Where: Toronto, ON

Age: 55

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