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Top 10 Websites to Learn and Play Chess Online

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

According to FIDE (Fédération Internationale des Échecs), about 600 million people play chess worldwide. Obviously, this means there are thousands of chess websites, all with different specialties. While every chess fan has a favourite website, there are some that stand out from the rest.

1. is the world’s most popular chess website. It has over 20 million players and there are over 10 million games played daily. Beyond allowing players to play chess, the site contains analysis software, puzzles, training, and much more!

2. ChessTempo

Another popular site, ChessTempo contains many of the same features as One of its selling points is its exceptional tactics training software.

3. Lichess

Similar to the websites mentioned above, Lichess offers both playing and training. Its key selling point is its 100% free nature. While other sites ask for premium membership for certain perks, Lichess users can use all of its resources without any cost.

4. Chess24

Yet another multi-feature webpage is Chess24. Aside from the typical content, it contains live streams and lets premium members play against officially titled players.

5. GameKnot

Gameknot is the website for those who want to play games over long periods of time - with days per move. Basic membership is free, but advanced features, such as tournaments, are available only on premium accounts.

6. is a minimalistic chess website that allows very fast entry to online matches of various speeds. Although it is an option, no account/registration is required to enjoy this website.

7. Internet Chess Club

While it offers much of the same features as other top websites, this website is home to many officially titled players. Membership isn’t free, but there is a one-month free trial.

8. ChessFox

ChessFox focuses exclusively on the training aspect, offering many free courses to improve your game!

9. iChess

iChess is an online chess shop that sells various resources to players looking to enhance their skills, featuring many hard-to-find books for the dedicated player. There is no free content, however.

10. Chessbase

Chessbase contains a detailed database of chess openings along with many articles on news/upcoming events in the world of chess.

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