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Welcome to the Calgary School Chess League! Are you an educator, student or principal? Looking for a way to get your school more involved in the chess scene, then join the league to get exclusive access to inter-school tournaments, semester tournaments and school chess fundraisers! Whether you have a chess club, trying to start one or not looking to start one, we are looking for more schools to join to allow students to explore competitive chess in their community. Best of all, it's free! The chess league started in 2023. There is no harm in joining, and you can always be removed from our mailing list after. We provide snacks, and prizes for our tournaments. These tournaments are usually held as fundraisers to help the foundation's efforts and require a minimal entry fee (usually $10).


FIRST SEMESTER: Henry Wise Wood Inter-School Tournament (Date: TBD)

SECOND SEMESTER: Crescent Heights High School Inter-School Tournament (Date: TBD)

How do I register my school? (chess club teacher or educator)

Please find a school specific registration google form button below to enter our school chess league and learn more about opportunities for students to play chess or volunteer.


I'm a student, can I register myself or my child? (parent or student)

Please find a student specific registration google form button below to enter yourself into our mailing list.


Calgary School Chess League (Current Members):

High Schools (Grade: 10-12):






Junior High (Grade: 6-9)


Elementary Schools (1-5):

Common Questions:

1. Is there a fee to join the Calgary School Chess League? There is no fee to join the mailing list for opportunities, however, there is a $10 fee per player to enter into the tournament. Find out more about what the fee is used for by either emailing us at or exploring our website.

2. What are the prizes? We usually run 2 separate sections, (1) elementary (2) high school and junior high. Each section has their own prize. We have two prizes in each section, including best school and top 3 best finishers (This is open to all students). The best school is calculated based on the average school of all players per rounds played. (This requires a school team of 5 players or more,, therefore independent sign-ups usually cannot win this prize) 

3. What is the tournament time-control? The tournament time-control will be rapid format. Each player will receives 10 minutes, 0 second increment. What is increment? It's an amount of time added to the clock after each move is made. For example in a 15/10 game, you start with 15 minutes and get 10 seconds added to your clock after each move. (We do not play with increments because it is unpredictable in the length) Find out more about the reasoning behind the time format, by emailing us at 

4. What scoring system are you using? Swiss FIDE Scoring System. Learn more here or email us for more inforamtion.

5. What do you do in tiebreak situations? We do not rely on tiebreak scores, as they rely heavily on rating (which is not applicable in school tournaments. To add more intensity, we will play a final round among the tiebreak for the top 3 placements. These tiebreaks will be shorter time control (5 minutes / 0 seconds)

As always feel free to email us with any questions or concerns! Our TD (Tournament Director) will be Amaan Arif. He will be the main contact of communication for school related matters.


Westmount Charter

Western Canada

Crescent Heights

Sir Winston Churchill

Henry Wise Wood

John Ware 

Samuel W. Shaw

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